eDiscovery Managed Services Can Make An Attorney's Job Easier

19 July 2021
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Discovery is part of any court case. Certain parties are entitled to the information that the other side has. For example, the defendant in a criminal case has the right to see the evidence and information that the prosecution is using, so the defense attorney can see what the prosecution is working with. In the past, discovery has meant box after box of documents and paperwork. However, eDiscovery is becoming more popular and is used by more attorneys and people who are trying to get legal information, such as people who have sent in an FOIA request. Even in an electronic format, the discovery documents can be lengthy and highly involved, especially in certain types of litigation. There are things that can make it easier, including using eDiscovery managed services. 

eDiscovery Managed Services

These services are designed in order to make the whole discovery process easier and to try to streamline it so that the attorney getting all the files can deal with everything easier. There are a number of things that would fit into these managed services, not just eDiscovery, but also things like forensics, data hosting, and project management. All the various items provided by the company that offers eDiscovery managed services will feed into each other and make each part of the process easier to handle. There are several benefits to using a managed service for discovery. 


One reason is that the companies that provide eDiscovery managed services generally offer their services for one flat cost. That means that the attorney using them is going to be able to use the services as much or as little as they want. That can save money for attorneys who have a lot of discovery information that they have to get through. As services are added into the options that the attorney uses, that fee will go up. 


Another reason is that eDiscovery managed services are customizable. The attorney or firm can choose which of the particular services they need and then not get the rest if they aren't necessary. For example, an attorney who just wants help with eDiscovery can get that, but not choose the forensic services or the data management services. 

Discovery is a large part of any legal case. eDiscovery and managed services can make the entire discovery process easier and make the case easier on the attorney and their clients. The attorney can get the services that they need to make sure that they are doing everything possible to win their case. 

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