3 IT Services You Can Offer to Businesses and Consumers Alike

8 October 2020
 Categories: Technology, Blog


Information technology as a service, or IT, is a competitive industry focused on serving the technological needs of either consumers, businesses, or both. It's only natural that there would be some overlap. If you are interested in edging out your competition and offering IT services to both the average person and businesses of various sizes, then you have a variety of options. This article explains three services you can offer. Read on to learn more. 

1. Technical Support

As a technology business, one of the best IT services you can provide is technical support for either businesses or consumers. While there are differences between the computer systems utilized for businesses of any size versus those meant for the average consumer, with the right IT team, you can provide technical support with both.

For example, these services could include removing viruses from laptops for local artists or providing maintenance for the computer system used in a warehouse to print labels for each package. It may be more efficient to essentially split your business into two, with one team focusing on consumer products and the other focusing on business needs, depending on the kind of expertise your team has.

2. Technological Training

As an IT service, you can leverage the expertise and knowledge of your team to help regular people and business managers or employees alike to better understand or utilize the technology they already have. Not only can you guide business owners and managers on how to use their technology at the point of installment or whenever an issue pops up, but you can also host classes on using consumer technology such as spreadsheets, word processing systems, and other software. Depending on the ability of your team to multitask, you may want to focus on either traditional IT services or technological training, depending on if your business can multitask.

3. Backups

Finally, one vital IT service you can provide is backing up data to a cloud or other storage solutions for anyone you'd like to service. Many businesses find that they are somewhat unprepared for the digital world. One way that you can help, as an IT service provider, is to backup their digital and physical data to the storage solution of their choice. Additionally, you can provide this same service to anyone who wants to backup their own digital data, such as tax paperwork, freelance writing, or anything else.

IT services are important and you can work to reduce your competition by providing IT services to both businesses and consumers. This can include providing technical support, computer training, and backing up their data.