3 Effective Ways To Strengthen The Security Of Your Voip Phone Software System

29 March 2019
 Categories: Technology, Blog


If you're thinking about switching your business phones to some sort of VoIP software system, you may be a little hesitant because of security concerns. How do you know this software is truly secure? Well, you can feel better about this aspect by taking these security measures. 

Monitor Call Traffic Regularly 

When it comes to your company's phone lines, you want them reserved strictly for business. Failing to follow this protocol could result in security issues for your company down the line. So that you feel better about this when using VoIP phone software, you can just monitor call traffic regularly.

Any time the traffic seems to be irregular, you can intervene before severe significant issues occur. The call irregularity may not even be a real security threat. For example, one of your employees may have just dialed the wrong number. At least you can confirm this by monitoring call traffic on a regular basis.

Enable Cryptographic Features 

The last thing you need is for the wrong party to hear sensitive information concerning your company. This could result in information leaks that cost your company a fortune to fix long-term. Well, the best way to prevent this from happening is by enabling cryptographic features within the VoIP software you're using. 

Most of this software already comes with these features; you just have to activate them. Once you do, various algorithms will make your VoIP software virtually impossible to hack by external threats. You can thus rest assured sensitive data and info stays within your company.

Whitelist IP Addresses 

Sometimes the best way to improve the security of your VoIP phone software is to take a proactive stance on hackers. More specifically, you can whitelist certain IP addresses. This essentially allows you to create a list of trusted IP addresses that can connect to your VoIP software.

If an IP address isn't on this list, they'll be cut off immediately. No matter how hard these users try, they won't be able to access your integral software. Just make sure the IP addresses you do designate are run by parties that you truly trust. 

More and more companies today are starting to implement VoIP phone software into their operations. If you're on the edge about doing it yourself because of security threats, just know there are plenty of tactics you can implement to beef up software security. You just need to take a proactive stance and know what areas to improve. For more information, contact a company that offers VoIP infrastructure security software solutions.