Reasons to Buy Off-Lease Servers

26 October 2018
 Categories: Technology, Blog


You might have leased servers for your business in the past, but now it might be time to change your direction. Instead, try buying off-lease servers, which are basically servers that have been returned after a lease period are often put up for sale. These are some of the reasons why buying these off-lease servers might be an ideal choice.

Own Your Own Servers

First of all, leasing servers rather than buying them does have its benefits. For example, it doesn't cost as much money up-front. However, you might want to own your own servers because it is often cheaper in the long run and can leave you with more flexibility for how the servers are used. By buying off-lease servers, you can buy them at a more affordable price than what you would pay if they were brand new. This might make it possible for you to buy your own servers rather than leasing, even if the cost of brand new servers would potentially be too expensive.

Make Sure Your Servers are in Good Shape

Buying used servers can be a good idea, but you might be worried about them not being in good shape. Leased servers are often well taken care of, for one thing. Then, when they are returned, they are often refurbished so that they are in like-new condition. If you want to buy used servers but would like to get quality that is very similar to what you would get if you purchased your servers new, you might like buying refurbished servers that have been returned after a leasing period and that have been refurbished back to their original factory condition.

Avoid Buying Too-Old Servers

Of course, if you need the newest servers out there, you probably aren't going to want to buy off-lease servers. However, if you are fine with buying servers that are a few years old but don't want to purchase anything that is too outdated and old, then buying servers that have just been returned from a lease is a good idea. These leases often don't last very long and the servers that come in off of leases were often the newest servers out there when they were first leased. This means that by buying off-lease servers, you can enjoy the perks of buying used servers without buying servers that are very old. This means that for many businesses and their needs, the technology should still be modern enough.