Four Reasons to Install a Landline in Your New Home

25 October 2018
 Categories: Technology, Blog


Many of today's youth have little experience using a landline phone. Homeowners might think that landlines are outdated and obsolete, but these connections can provide a number of benefits that may prove useful over time.

If you are moving into a new home, there are some compelling reasons why you should add the installation of a landline to your to-do list.

1. Landlines can reduce emergency response time.

In the event of an emergency in your home, someone will probably contact 911. Dispatchers can easily trace the exact location of a landline and send help to your home. Cellular telephones can only be traced to the nearest cell tower, making it difficult to pinpoint the exact location of a call for help. You can add to the security of your home by investing in a landline.

2. Landlines can reduce technology costs.

No modern home would be complete without satellite or cable television and internet access. Providers offering these services often create bundles that are designed to help save their customers a little bit of money on monthly bills.

Adding a landline to the mix can make affordable bundles available to you. Even if you don't foresee using a landline all that often in the future, the cost savings that you will enjoy by bundling this service with your television and internet connections makes installation of a landline worthwhile.

3. Landlines allow you to stay in contact with your children.

Many parents don't want to invest in cell phones for their young children. Cell phone plans can be quite costly, and children could lose or break the phone. When children remain at home while parents go shopping or are at work, communication is limited.

Without access to a landline, it is impossible for parents to reach kids who don't have a cell phone. Install a landline in your new home to ensure you are able to stay in contact with your children at all times.

4. Landlines make your home alarm system more secure.

Families often choose to protect their homes with alarm systems. These systems are connected to a dispatch center which reports any security breaches to the authorities. Connecting your alarm system to a landline can provide greater reliability. A landline will not lose power during a storm or power outage like the modem powering a wireless alarm system might. You will be able to secure your home at all times with a landline connection.

If you're convinced that a landline is the right option for your family, contact a telephone service today.