Three Reasons Why the Satellite Dispatch Radio Is Excellent for a Fleet of Commercial Ships

23 October 2018
 Categories: Technology, Blog


In the commercial ship industry, some business owners own and operate a multitude of vessels that are all out on the water at any given moment throughout the year. Communication for this fleet of ships is absolutely necessary for daily business functions, but the typical means of communication are not always as reliable as they should be when the boats are miles away from the nearest land, cell tower, or port. Satellite dispatch radios are an excellent investment if you are the owner of a commercial fleet of ships because they allow for reliable communication. Take a look at some of the reasons why satellite dispatch radios work well for this industry. 

Satellite dispatch radios allow for reliable connection between shipping vessels.

Communication from one ship to another is absolutely important during day-to-day operations. Satellite dispatch radios allow the ships to stay in constant connection with each other when they are out on the water, no matter how far apart they may be or if one is located in a completely different part of the ocean. Because the dispatch radios rely on satellites for a connection, communication is possible for all ships at any given time with the push of a button. 

Satellite dispatch radios allow the use of broadcast mode for owners. 

As the owner of the fleet of ships that are out on the water and performing whatever tasks are associated with your business, it is critical that you are capable of maintaining telecommunication connection with your crew members. With a good satellite dispatch radio, you will be able to use the radio system in broadcast mode. What this essentially means is you can push a button and distribute a voice message or announcement to every ship on your fleet that is on the same network channel. For example, if you need to distribute a warning about a change of your planned route to all vessels in your fleet, you can do so with making only one announcement. 

Satellite dispatch radios can be used for internet connection. 

Satellite dispatch radios allow a continuous connection to the internet when it would not otherwise be available. Therefore, you will have the ability to do things like download the upcoming weather report for the week, send and receive email messages, and check port and dock news in any given area. Having access to the internet will prove to be highly valuable for fleet ship operators. 

If you're convinced that satellite dispatch radio is the right choice for your fleet, start checking out different models, such as the MSAT g2. Once you've looked at all the different options, you can pick on that meets your needs.