Rent An LED Video Wall For The Following Events

23 October 2018
 Categories: Technology, Blog


If you're looking to increase the wow factor of any large event that you're hosting, there are several options for you to consider. Some people plan to set up a TV screen in the venue to show photos, videos, or other material, but you can go a step further by contacting an audio/video rental service and inquiring about the availability of an LED video wall. Many A/V rental services have this product available and will visit your venue to set it up and ensure that it's ready for whatever media you plan to show. Here are three events that an LED video wall will suit.

Wedding Reception

If you're going with a traditional feel for your wedding, you might be limiting the number of technical devices that you use. However, if you want your wedding reception to turn heads at its technical offerings, there are few devices that you can rent that are more impressive than an LED video wall. You can set up this large screen anywhere in the reception venue and show a variety of content on it. For example, you can have photos of you and your new spouse cycling through in a slideshow. Many people do this with a generic TV, but using a video wall allows everyone to enjoy the images even from across the room.

Corporate Events

Many different types of corporate events can benefit from the rental of an LED video wall. If you're celebrating with your company at a holiday party, for example, showing photos or videos on this wall can work well. If you're entertaining clients or prospective clients, the use of this technological feature shows that your company is thinking about staying relevant, and also that your organization isn't sparing any expense when it comes to working with clients. The presence of this video wall may actually improve the view that your clients have of your business.

Product Launch

For entrepreneurs who have booked space in a conference facility to launch a new product or service, it's important to kick off what you're doing with a bang. This means that in addition to having a good product and a carefully planned launch, you also want some captivating visual elements. An LED video wall can certainly fit this description, giving people who turn out to your event some excitement that will hopefully carry over into excitement about your product or service.

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