Why An Alarm System Isn't Enough Without A Monitoring Service

22 October 2018
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Having an alarm system can be useful when someone breaks into your home. The alarm system might startle the intruder and can also help you respond more appropriately to the threat. However, an alarm system is usually not enough. You must also use a home alarm monitoring service.

The Authorities Will Arrive More Quickly

With home monitoring, law enforcement or the fire department will be alerted quickly when there is a fire or a break-in so that authorities can arrive. Some intruders are able to break into your property fast enough to steal some of your belongings, but you'll be safer if help is on the way. Another common, useful feature is the ability to send an emergency signal to your monitoring station if you are in danger. 

Consider the Features You Want

Don't make assumptions about what features your home monitoring system will have. Many home monitoring systems come with additional features based on your needs. You might want an immediate alarm that triggers, or you may only want a silent alarm, with the regular alarm triggered only after the monitoring company fails to reach you. You may also want different features depending on the time of the day. A professional alarm company can help you set up the perfect alarm system for you.

Be Protected From Fires

When you have a fire, a simple fire alarm is often not enough. You may sleep through the fire alarm. You may also become trapped in your home and incapable of escaping or calling for help You may have passed out due to smoke inhalation. An alarm monitoring service would have a fire department on the way.

Advertise Your Alarm System

When you have an alarm system installed, make sure that this is advertised. Often, the alarm system will place a sticker on a window that reads "protected by X Alarms Inc." Homes that are monitored by an alarm monitoring system are much less likely to be burglarized. 

In addition to the benefits of having a company come to your rescue, a home alarm system also provides you with the added benefit of knowing that someone is watching over you. If you start choking on food or if you have a child who was left alone unintentionally, you'll know that there is a service watching over your home. However, your alarm system will only be effective if you remember to set it and have it serviced regularly.

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