CMMS Software: Is It Necessary?

19 October 2018
 Categories: Technology, Blog


Property management requires that you and teammates handle every aspect of property care, maintenance and communication. The real estate owners who hire your team count on you to interact with residents and keep them satisfied so that they can handle other work; your success depends on how efficiently you juggle everything. This is a large job even if you're an orderly person, and software could be needed to better organize management of various family or commercial properties. CMMS--Computerized Maintenance Management Systems--in the form of preventive, maintenance software is vital. Why?

1-Property Equipment Needs to Work and Be Maintained

Whenever a lawnmower breaks on one of your properties, not only do you need to get another one over there quickly, but you'll need to repair the machine. This becomes harder when you're dealing with dozens of machines; each one needs to get oil changes, inspections or other work done to ensure that on-site failures don't happen. CMMS software encourages better preventative care.

With software, you can not only log in when you've done work on machines, but you'll also have the capability to get flagged by the system that your dump truck needs an oil change or that you should be checking the filter in an HVAC unit. This assistance allows your team to be proactive about equipment.

2-Good Communication and Information is Needed for Work Orders

Whenever a resident needs to have the toilet fixed or a light bulb replaced, it can be frustrating for everyone. The resident may keep calling and not get proper updates about when that will happen. CMMS software provides one platform for your entire team; anyone can discuss repairs or work orders with any resident. They remain informed. In addition, your team can notice when one machine or situation keeps happening. If the furnace needs work every time a new tenant moves in, for example, the software will reveal this and you can start making plans to replace it before it fails for good.

3-Large Supply Orders Should Be Coordinated

If you're ordering trash bags for a multi-family residence today even though you've just placed another order for trash bags for another place last week, it can become confusing. You have to deal with too many orders that way; constant ordering can take time away from other property management work. CMMS software can fix this. Software can quickly analyze how many trash bags you need every month so you can place one order.

This software can coordinate all of your supply orders, from mulch to paper. You can more easily track those costs for property owners without giving yourself a headache manually keeping track of the supplies used across all your properties.

Preventative maintenance CMMS software enables you to better serve your real estate clients and the people who live in their buildings. Use trial versions and demos of different platforms to understand which software seems most comprehensive for your team's needs.