Three SEO Tips for Beginners

17 October 2018
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Maybe you have a blog or entry-level business idea and are trying to get your business off the ground. There are ways you can do basic search engine optimization (SEO) well. Once your business succeeds, you can invest in professional services to help with SEO.

Start with WordPress

Although WordPress has its disadvantages, it is ideal for starting a business website. It is easy for a novice to use, and its main advantage is the plug-ins available. There are many plug-ins that will make it easier for you to create a website that is more likely to rank in search engines and automatically generate meta tags, sitemaps, and analytics to improve SEO. Although ranking in search engines can be more complex, WordPress makes the basics easier to understand. Other features you will want to consider are layouts specifically designed to be mobile-friendly since search engines prioritize websites that are mobile-friendly.

Research Your Niche

Keyword research will influence the content on your website. If you have a blog or other website that is mostly content-based, you will need to focus on integrating relevant keywords to help your site rank better. For websites that sell products, your keyword research can help you create product descriptions and tags. Once you have a general idea for your website's niche, you can often use tools provided by Google to help you find words and phrases frequently used by people when they are searching. For example, if you manage a blog as a resource for people with brain tumors, you likely want to include more casual wording because it is what people will use during a search. The phrase "brain surgeon" might be a major or related phrase you choose to use instead of only using "neurosurgeon."

Be Nosy

There is nothing wrong with using your competitors' websites as inspiration, as long as you do not copy their layout or content. If you have successful competitors, they are obviously doing something right. You might notice they rank highly in search engines purely because their business has been around for a while. They likely have a layout and content you admire because it is easy to navigate their website and scan their posts. Other features, such as interconnectivity between their website and social media, or frequent posts on their blog can be goals you want to emulate.

When you are starting a business website, understanding basic SEO strategy can increase your chances of success. Once your business takes off, you can contact a search engine optimization company.