Protecting Fighter Planes Against Missile Attacks

14 October 2018
 Categories: Technology, Blog


Each branch of the armed forces relies on a variety of machines to help provide for the protection of the nation. Fighter planes are one of the most expensive and versatile tool at disposal of the branches of the armed forces. These fighter planes are assets that must be protected to help keep operations costs low without compromising national safety.

Fighter planes are susceptible to missile attack. Other planes can engage shoulder-launched missiles that could result in the total loss of a fighter plane. Technology like fast steering mirrors can be useful in helping to prevent missile damage and protect the nation's fighter planes.


Fast steering mirrors help to protect fighter planes against missile damage by creating a diversion. These mirrors are part of a product assembly that activates a laser when missiles are detected in the vicinity.

The fast steering mirror moves and refracts to help activate a multi-band laser. The beam of light from this laser is pointed directly at the head of the oncoming missile, disrupting the missile's control signals and ultimately diverting its path away from the fighter plane.


Fast steering mirrors are able to improve the performance of an aircraft over time. Since fighter planes are three-dimensional mechanic objects, they can create a significant amount of vibration when in use.

The vibrations that are created by a fighter plane's engine can cause rapid tilts along both the X and Y axes. A fast steering mirror that is mounted properly can help to correct these tilts and eliminate jitter that might negatively affect the performance of the place itself.


Fighter planes must operate in all types of weather and environmental conditions. Each of the components that is utilized in the construction of a fighter plane must be durable enough to withstand the harshest weather. Fast steering mirrors are no exception.

Tactical grade fast steering mirrors feature a rugged housing and heavy-duty fasteners to help secure the mirror in place. The fast steering mirrors found in fighter planes are also lightweight, allowing these specialized jets to fly with as much speed as possible.

Tactical fast steering mirrors are designed to work independent of the pilot. This feature allows them to engage in diverting incoming missiles that a pilot might not even know about.

Fast steering mirrors play an important role in protecting military assets. The protection fast steering mirrors provide against missile attack helps to preserve lives and maintain the structural integrity of the nation's costly fighter planes.