3 Critical Tips When Implementing A Conversational AI Platform Into Your Customer Service Model

9 October 2018
 Categories: Technology, Blog


If you have a business that is looking to enhance customer relations, you'll need a conversational AI platform. It enables your customers to communicate with chatbots, who can then relay this information to third-parties for deeper and more effective customer support. When using one of these platforms, remember these tips. 

Select a Method of Communication 

Chatbots have been around for several years now, giving you access to several different methods of communication. These include speech, typing, and visual graphics. The speech option is ideal if you want your chatbots to provide a quick response. 

However, if the information your customers are interested in is complex, typing bots may be better. They can submit clear, concise responses in message format that can be accessed later any time. Visual graphic communication works best if you're looking to help customers in an interactive way. If you're not sure which communication method to use, try mixing and matching until you find out what works best.

Set Clear Usage Guidelines 

Although a lot of users of these conversational AI platforms are genuinely interested in learning information about a particular topic, there will be the occasional user that doesn't have honest intentions. Their main goal may be to ask vulgar questions to get your chatbots to act out inappropriately.

Since it's hard to predict when this will happen, you need to set clear guidelines for how your chatbots work. For example, if foul language is involved in the user's content when communicating with your chatbots, an error message should result. These safety parameters make it clear that your bots are only to be used for serious inquiries. 

Run Trial Tests 

Before you unveil a conversational AI platform to your customers, you first need to make sure the platform is running at an optimal rate. You can do just that when you run trial tests, carried out by expert programmers and IT professionals. 

These tests will analyze the performance of your conversational AI platform. If they reveal major errors or defects with your AI platform, you can then take proactive measures of having them solved. This way, when your AI platform does go live and your consumers start using the chatbots, you won't run into as many complications.

No matter what type of business you run, customer service is important. Conversational AI platforms can take your company's customer service to the next level. Just make sure you take the necessary precautions before these conversational AI platforms are fully integrated into your company's operations.