Invest In A Clean Agent Suppression System To Put Out Grease Fires

8 October 2018
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If you own a restaurant and rely heavily upon a fire extinguisher in case a fire erupts in the kitchen, you are taking the risk of one of your employees suffering from burns and may encounter the loss of valuable equipment if the extinguisher does not put out a fire quickly enough, or if a fire spreads out of control. Invest in a clean agent suppression system to put out grease fires and keep your staff in check to minimize dangerous conditions.

Learn About A Fire Suppression System

A clean agent suppression system consists of a control panel, detection device, metal tubing, and nozzles. A liquid agent that contains chemicals but is non-flammable is released from the nozzles when a fired is detected. A hood top suppression system is designed to be installed underneath a cooking station's hood.

Purchase a hood that already contains a system, or have one installed underneath the hood top that is already in your kitchen. Because this type of suppression system releases an agent in a controlled environment, items that are stored elsewhere in the kitchen won't become damp when a suppression system is activated and currently dousing a grease fire. 

Practice How To Operate The Suppression System And Instill A Cleaning Routine

After a fire suppression system is installed, become accustomed to the system's features. Be sure to inform your staff about the purpose of the system and how to respond if the suppression system is activated.

Your system may have both a manual and automatic activation component included, which will assist with putting out fires that nobody was aware of as well as fires that were observed while cooking. Instill a cleaning routine to eliminate grease that could contribute to cooking fires. 

Designate The Kitchen Solely For Staff Use

Members of your cooking staff could be distracted if waiters, waitresses, or people who do not work at your restaurant are granted entry to the kitchen. Restrict anyone from entering the kitchen at any time unless they are part of your kitchen staff.

Prepare a counter for waiters and waitresses to pick up orders. Assign one person from the kitchen to communicate with the waitstaff so that any problems that arise can be remedied promptly.

Keep the kitchen secured when nobody is present by installing a locking device on the kitchen door. Add another layer of protection by installing a security system to prevent anyone from tampering with equipment inside the kitchen that could result in dire circumstances.